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Lake Beauty Jr. Highers – Sensory worship

What a moving experience, to see a room chock full of quietly attentive, YES, quietly attentive jr. highers, making their way around the gym’s different stations of sensory worship. There was vinegar to taste, a cross to heft on your …

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Grandkids are the BEST!!!!

I just skyped with our daughter-in-law, Anna, and our two grandchildren in Spokane, WA.  Skype is an amazing thing, to be able to talk and see and laugh with people a bazillion miles away!  Here are recent pix of our …

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Visitors at Lake Beauty

Dear friends Colette and Becky came 3 hours from Crookston, MN, to Little Ralls, MN (I won’t tell about the slight detour, Becky!) just to spend a few hours with me!  I am blessed and we had such a lovely …

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Roy’s birthday!

Happy 57th Birthday, Roy!!!  That’s a yummy triple chocolate ice cream cake inside, a great idea for a HOT summer night!

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