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Mama Kodemo’s Story: A Women’s Agricultural Group Profile

By Sara Blomgren, Serve Globally intern

Like many of the women in her agricultural group, Mama Kodemo has lost children to malnutrition. Only seven of her ten children are living. But recently, she’s learned critical skills that have drastically improved

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Mama Beatrice’s Story: Working Hard to Feed Her Family

In Mama Beatrice’s garden, she’s growing spinach and other greens. She learned how to farm these vegetables through a women’s agricultural group supported by Covenant Kids Congo. Her garden produces enough to feed her eight children, while also earning their

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Hermine’s Story: Overcoming Malnutrition

hermine-picture-folderMany of you have seen a picture folder like this one on the right. You might have picked up a folder when your church had a Hope Sunday, and you opened it to read about a boy or girl who

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Meet Mama Lily: A Women’s Agricultural Group Profile

Meet the amazing women who work in agricultural groups! The first of a series of profiles.

Mama Lily is the mother to eight children, including four children registered in the Covenant Kids Congo powered by World Vision program. When she

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