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Mama Kodemo’s Story: A Women’s Agricultural Group Profile

By Sara Blomgren, Serve Globally intern

Like many of the women in her agricultural group, Mama Kodemo has lost children to malnutrition. Only seven of her ten children are living. But recently, she’s learned critical skills that have drastically improved

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Fish Farms Become Valuable Source of Protein and Income

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By Sara Blomgren, Serve Globally intern

A growing fish is a metaphor for the Astog Fish Pond Association in Gemena, DR Congo, said one association member. Just like the fish that are grown in their ponds, the association started small

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Meet Bienvenue, Charcoal Trader: A Women’s Savings Group Profile

Bienvenue and bike

In front of a local women’s savings group gathering, Bienvenue rides the bicycle she bought in a circle, while the other women cheer for her. When she brings the green bike to a stop, the crowd erupts in applause. Bienvenue

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