Juan Carlos Carvallo

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COMPTON, CA (August 13, 2012) – Following are questions and responses from Juan Carlos Carvallo concerning his background and experiences at CHET, where he is enrolled in the summer Biblical Greek course.

Juan Carlos Carvallo

Country/place of origin: El Salvador, Central America

Church: Carvallo is part of a pastoral team that has been planting a new church started in 2009. “It is call from God,” Carvallo says, “a responsibility that I have tried to obey by giving of my best for the service and community of God.”

CHET status: Studied at CHET for six years, hoping to enter the Bachelor of Ministry level in September.

Q: Taking a course during the summer may be challenging. Have you made any sacrifice in order to attend this course?

A: For all that is good, there is always a price to be paid. When called to be equipped to serve and to share God’s word, sacrificed time and resources to learn comes with its own recompense. I know that the order for my life is God, my family and then ministry. The Bible tells me that God is giving us the timely resources needed to care for all of our responsibilities. Sacrificing and managing time, I am convinced that I will be able to move forward, to be equipped and to learn Greek. That, for me, is highly important in order to better understand the word of God and above all, God will better equip me to teach the work of God with much more clarity. That challenges me to continue my studies here at CHET, a school that continues to be a great blessing to me.

Q: How will you apply what you are learning at CHET?

A: With God’s help, I will apply my new learning during my weekly preaching and discipling opportunities. I will apply my learning with my congregation, with the community of God, always seeking God’s will and direction.

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