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Then There was a Mill

Posted by on October 24, 2015


Today we opened a mill. This may seem like a small and simple thing, but it is actually a huge and life changing thing here in Mozambique. A mill can make a difference.

It makes a difference to the mother who no longer has to walk half a day with a bag of corn or rice on her head to get her food milled so it is edible.

It makes a difference to the child who misses school to take care of her siblings while her mother is gone.

It makes a difference to a community who have had no mill for many years.

It makes food easier to get and keeps hunger at bay.

It provides jobs.

This mill will help to feed the children of the Melanie Center.

This mill will help to supply funds for the Melanie Center.

This mill will help provide feed for the chickens of our other self-sustainment project, which in turn provides for the Melanie Center.

Life in this community is better because there is a mill.

But this mill didn’t just happen. It took an amazing group of folks to fund it. It took John and Maria John to sweat and labor over it. Finally it took a team of folks to help bring these two groups to work together in harmony. Thank you to all of you! Thank you donors! Thank you John and Maria! And thank you to our Global Team Self-Sustainment Team! You are a blessing and are being used by God!!!


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