$22,000 and faith

Why the title? Why the large amount of money and what for?

We have to raise $22,000 before our time as missionaries are up (on the first of August of this year). Which gives us about 4 months.

When we were first told this number we sort of freaked out and thought, “how are we EVER going to raise that much money!?!?!” It honestly seemed impossible (and some days still does) and too “out of reach”.

But, one of our incredible bosses, Lana, reminded us that we (and by “we”, we mean YOU and God) have raised more than that and that by breaking it down by month, it is around $5,500 per month that we have to raise until August 1st.

This gave us some hope.

But truly, it was when Richard and I sat down and remembered….when we remembered God’s faithfulness in our lives (not just with support raising, but in every area and detail of our lives), remembered his goodness to us, and all the ways that he has led us and walked with us and put incredible people like you, in our lives….that we truly, truly felt at peace and felt at peace to reach out, one more time, to you, our beautiful partners.

  • Some of our monthly supporters have been asking, “when should we stop supporting you?”:
  • August 1st will be our last, official day as missionaries, so if you can and feel called to support us until then, that would be a HUGE help.


  • We have also been asked by monthly supporters and one-time supporters if they can “give an extra gift or give again?”
  • The answer is a resounding “YES!”. Again, if you can and feel called to, you can definitely give again or give an additional gift on top of your monthly support.


We have faith friends, that we can do this, but only by your support, partnership, and prayers, and by the Lord’s grace and guidance.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We will keep you all updated on our goal of reaching $22,000 before August 1st!


Here are some helpful links for donating:

Our donation site: click here

Our donation blog page: click here


Richard and Elizabeth Santana

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…..for all.



Look with compassion, O God upon the people in this land who live with

injustice, terror, disease, and death as their constant companions.

Have mercy upon us.

Help us to eliminate cruelty to those our neighbors.

Strengthen those who spend their lives

establishing equal protection of the law and equal opportunities for all.

And grant that every one of us may enjoy

a fair portion of the abundance of this land;

through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord….

O God, Sovereign of the universe,

without you nothing is true, nothing is just.

In your Word you reveal the way of love.

By your Spirit you make it possible. 

From greed and selfishness,

from a society in which the rich get richer and the poor get poorer,

compassionate God, deliver us.

From radical prejudice and religious intolerance, from a society which

makes its weakest and most recent members into scapegoats,

compassionate God, deliver us.

From indifference to the needs of other countries, from the delusion that

you love any other nation less than you love us,

compassionate God, deliver us.

From self-indulgence and indifference,

from a society in which fidelity and responsibility have little place,

compassionate God, deliver us.

Author of life,

give us hearts set on the coming of your reign;

give us wise, just, and humble leaders;

give all who live in this land a will to live in peace,

through Jesus Christ,

the One who is above all powers and dominions. Amen

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