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Embracing Public Transportation

Post a Comment » Written on February 28th, 2009     
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Well, this may sound like a bit of a rant but…

I flew into Seattle today and used public transportation (buses) to get to my destination in Everett. Maybe this is stereotypical, but my image of Seattle is of a …

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A Very Warm Week!

Post a Comment » Written on February 23rd, 2009     
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Hydi and I had the privilege of attending the Covenant Asia Missionary Retreat in Chantaburi, Thailand last week! We flew from Colorado Springs to Bangkok via LA and Tokyo on Feb. 13th and after a late night arrival and overnight …

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A Really Cold Week

Post a Comment » Written on February 18th, 2009     
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I flew to Chicago on January 31st and drove a rented car down to Lafayette, IN. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Evangelical Covenant Church where I preached on Sunday morning and met with church members over lunch. This …

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