The Rainy Season that Never Ends

This year started out very wet and has continued in very much the same way. While we were on home assignment we would hear from friends that the rain in Medellin and other parts of Colombia just didn’t stop. People during our travels always ask us what seasons in Colombia are like. It used to be we would explain that there is dry season and rainy season. You used to know exactly what months would be wet and which would be dry.

Now, however, every month seems to be a mixture of rainy and dry, You can have rainy (winter) in the morning and summer (dry) in the afternoon. They are saying it’s just going to keep raining.

You can imagine that this has brought with it many challenges and loss. There has been flooding and landslides. Just today on our way to school we counted over 15 places along the route where there are or have been landslides. Not huge ones, but big enough to close down a road.

Many communities are suffering with the non-stop rain as the residents don’t have stable housing structures, In places like Granizal people have lost belongings when rain has come in through the roofs. Shalom Covenant has been working with leaders in that community to address the many needs. The local church Fuente de Salvacion, which is working with a community of displaced people, who have been negatively impacted by all the rain. They are collecting donations and will be hosting a bazaar to benefit the people in the community.

The shift in weather patterns has been very evident here in Medellin. And yesterday during a downpour, I found myself praying for the many people who are suffering because of all of the water.

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