Adaptability in leadership

The youth leaders in Medellin and the surrounding areas who are participating in the youth leadership training program continue to show their commitment and ability to adapt to changes. Last year they finished the first semester of training and had hoped to be able to meet for the first time in person this year to begin the second semester. However, as Covid numbers climbed in April and new restrictions went in place, their meeting time was pushed off until May and they ended up once again adapting to meet online.

They met on a Sunday afternoon, most of them just having finished worshipping (either in person or online) with their church community and ate a quick lunch before they all connected. They met for 4 hours, working through the topic of leadership and the biblical model of servant leadership. The discussion was rich and it wasn’t until they had finished they hadn’t taken a break. These leaders to me exemplify what it means to lead by serving. In a year that brought much change in their lives they continued to reach out to the youth in their communities. Pray for them as their hope is to be able to meet in person, something they haven’t been able to do since March 2020.


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