A Perfect Way to Spend Weekend Quarantine

And so it began. Here in Medellin we have begun another round of three-day weekend quarantines. No leaving the house for a weekend isn’t terrible, but when they will continue for a month it gets to feel very long. Luckily this past weekend was the beginning of the certificate in children’s ministry with class Friday night and all afternoon Saturday (2-7pm). What a blast we had! This program is truly a miracle, something that I didn’t ever imagine would happen. However, the logistics came together, the 41 participants registered and paid quickly, and they all connected via zoom to the class. The teacher was engaging and the students were participative. We looked at the biblical story and how we as teachers engage children in the story. It was a time to share experiences as there are veteran teachers and children’s ministry leaders in the class, along with brand new volunteers. I loved watching the exchanges between them. People are joining from cities and towns across the country from Ipiales to Barranquilla. They sent in a picture/selfie of themselves studying and we created a collage.

One of the young men has quite the testimony. He spent some of his childhood at Casa de Paz (Peace House), a ministry of Shalom Covenant Church that provides a safe and nurturing place for boys to live. God has worked in his life, and now as a young man he has returned to Casa de Paz to serve the boys living there as a volunteer/house parent. He is soaking up the classes as he wants to accompany the boys in their journey of walking with God.

I’m looking forward to our time together next weekend, we’ll be meeting again Friday and Saturday. Again, this is a great way to spend quarantine. Please pray for these teachers and volunteers who are being formed and equipped to minister with children.

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