An answer to prayer

Back in December, a small group of children’s ministry leaders reached out to ask if there was a way to receive more formal training. You see, here in Colombia most of the leaders and teachers in these ministries are volunteers and some may have experience working with children, while others are learning along the way. I knew the Biblical Seminary had offered a Certificate in Children’s ministry in the past and so I asked if it was being offered this year. I was sad to hear it was not. However, if we could gather 20 students, they would create one for the Covenant Churches. In my mind, 20 seemed like a lot. However, in talking with the small collaborating group of children’s ministry leaders (5-6 people representing the different regions), they felt it would be a perfect opportunity and that there would be no problem in finding 20 people who were committed to studying the certificate program. And so we prayed and decided to move forward with the initiative.

The publicity for the program

A month later, we organized the schedule and logistics with the seminary, sent out publicity and opened registration. After only one week we have 27 people registered!!! And they come from all over the country. What an answer to prayer. We had said our limit would be 30 people, due to the funds we have available to help subsidize a part of the cost for each student. However, we are now seeing that we might have more than 30 students who want to study and we don’t want to close the door on anyone who wants to study.

Please pray for this initiative, for the students who are signed up and continue to sign up. Pray that this would be a learning experience that would not only equip them to work with children, but would equip them to train other leaders and teacher. Right now there are participants signed up from

And if you have the possibility of supporting this initiative, donations are welcome to help with scholarships so people can study in this certificate program and participate in other training experiences, as well. The Children’s Ministry Project, seeks to strengthen the children’s ministry in the Colombian Covenant churches and raise up a new generation of disciples of Christ through on-going training for children’s ministry teachers and volunteers. This will enable churches to nurture children as they grow in faith and equip the leaders for the growing participation of children in their churches. At the same time this project seeks to strengthen the collaboration between churches and children’s ministry leaders by providing spaces for meeting, interacting, exchanging ideas and resources, encouragement and prayer. The strengthening of these relationships helps to unify churches and bring a shared sense of belonging in the denomination. This project will also raise funds to provide basic equipment, didactic materials, Bibles, educational materials for children’s ministry in Covenant churches in Colombia as they find new ways in a pandemic to minister to and with children, which requires creativity, resourcefulness, new initiatives and collaboration. To donate to this project, click here (and select “children’s ministry” from the drop down menu).


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