That’s a wrap! Let’s celebrate!

On December 19th, we culminated a year of intense learning and spiritual formation with 136 students from around the country receiving a certificate in either Old or New Testament from the Biblical Seminary of Colombia. There were a total of 10 “graduation” ceremonies around the country and following biosecurity protocols, Julio was able to be present to celebrate with the students. This is still possible as the government is allowing church gatherings of 25 people for the time being.

What immense joy to hear the testimonies of what this year has meant to them. In reality it was the pandemic that made it possible for the classes to be given virtually and for more people to participate. Many of them, like our friend Oto, overcame huge challenges to be able to participate. Financially it was a stretch for some people and one woman on the coast asked if she could pay for her module with a bushel of aji peppers. Still, everyone made the effort and thanks to scholarships, people who had never thought a biblical and theological education was possible were able to complete the year of study. So to be able to receive these certificates in-person was extremely significant for the students. They truly celebrated and gave thanks for the opportunity to be equipped as leaders. Below are some of the pictures from the celebrations.

Final graduation ceremony at Fuente de Salvacion Covenant Church

Oto persevered through much adversity, after being badly burned in a work fire in 2019, and was able to study and complete the program in 2020.

Old Testament students in Medellin

Pastor Sandra from La Ye, went all out and even put on a cap and gown to celebrate this milestone. She was the only one from her community to participated in the program.

Students in Barranquilla celebrate together

Barranquilla students

A committed group of women who studied together in a small rural town near Sabanalarga, Atlantico.

Group of students from around the area of San Marcos

Pastor Jenobel from San Marcos receives his certificate.

Julio with friend, Pastor Franklin in El Hato

A celebration of students from El Hato and San Carlos

New Testament students in Medellin.

We have heard so many powerful testimonies about what this year and the opportunity to study has meant to people.


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