Youth leaders begin formational journey together

What does it mean to be a youth leader in a local church? How are we equipped to lead others? Where can we come together with other youth leaders for sharing, learning, and an opportunity to grow in our own relationship with Jesus?

These were some of the questions that prompted the national Covenant youth organization in Colombia to develop a plan to focus on the formation of local youth leaders and those who are interested in serving youth, but are new to leadership. They have seen the need for ministry to youth, and for equipping those who are ministering to youth.

And so the “Primero mi casa” (Beginning with my house) project was born and has begun to be carried out in different cities in Colombia. It is a project that brings local youth leaders together several times in a semester to study together and build relationships with one another. Facilitators have been trained to lead these gatherings, and materials have been created for both the facilitators and the participants. Katie is writing and gathering this material.

Facilitators during a retreat/training time

On March 7, the first gatherings took place in Bogota and Medellin, and focused on the theme of identity: who am I?, what influences my self-concept and self-esteem? Who does God say I am? What is my identity in Christ?

Participants in Bogotá

Participants in Medellín

This will continue to be the focus of this first semester, as the leaders dive deeper into their own faith and walk with Christ. It was powerful to see the leaders coming together to share the work that God had been doing in their lives as they had been reading the materials and reflecting on the questions and Scripture. There was authentic sharing and a sense of how necessary these formational encounters are. We thank God for the facilitators who created the safe space for these leaders to share and for community to begin to be built among them.

Pray for the facilitators and participants in Barranquilla who will also be meeting this month. Pray for this to be an opportunity for leaders to be equipped and a network, a community to be built among them. Pray for the development of the material for the second semester that focuses on leadership.

Lina and Juan Felipe facilitating in Medellín

Oscar facilitating in Bogotá

A special time with this group in Medellín


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