20 years

This past weekend the Covenant Church in El Hato, a small town in the state of Cordoba, celebrated their 20th anniversary. The community came together to celebrate God’s faithfulness during this 20 years and to pray for the future.

Gathered to celebrate 20 years.

The 20th anniversary celebration. Pastor Franklin sharing.

Julio had the privilege of meeting the founder of the church. Twenty years ago, Luis Izquierdo came walking in to El Hato. He did not know how to read or write, but he was moved by his passion for Christ and his desire to share the gospel in the town of El Hato. And the anniversary this weekend celebrated the fruit of his work and dedication so many years ago.┬áHe told Julio that the only thing that he loves do to is share the gospel so people can know Christ. Today he continues to go to different places, now on a motorcycle, to share God’s love with others and he is starting another church in Tolu Viejo, with the help of the church in El Hato.

Pastor Luis

Prayers during the celebration.

Talking about the new church plant with Luis

Pastor Franklin and his wife Sady pastor the church in El Hato and continue the faithful service to this agricultural community. Franklin has been a pastor here for 10 years and has worked tirelessly to share Jesus’ love with others. This is seen in the amazing outreach the church does with children. On Thursday evenings Gina, a lay leader, works with a group of about 50 children from the community. The church is a community where they feel loved and can come to know the God who loves them.

Group of children that meets weekly

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