Engaged in learning

Six months ago, a group of lay leaders and pastors from the Covenant Church in El Bagre began to take a course offered by the Colombian Covenant Biblical Institute. It is a course in Old Testament and as they would work together on the learning, once a month Julio would travel to facilitate learning in a weekend session. The students have shown themselves to be invested and engaged in the learning. They are committed to going deeper into God’s word and having a better understanding of how to read and interpret Scripture. This month the Old Testament course finished and as part of their exam the students had to diagram the major people, places, themes, events throughout the Old Testament. More than a test to past, they used this experience to enrich their learning and had so much fun with it that they worked on it for an hour more than had been planned. It was just another example of the commitment that these students have in their desire to learn and teach others.

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