Limonada de coco and mate

This past weekend was a cross-cultural experience as we sampled a little bit of Latin America right here in Minnesota. Latin America is so diverse in its culture and comida (food). Yet within the diversity of the countries we have come to experience similarities in the people’s zeal for life, hospitality, generosity, and willingness to share the richness of their culture with others. This is what we experienced this weekend as we shared food and conversation with Pastor Mauricio and his wife Jackie on Friday night. Pastor Mauricio is from Argentina and Jackie is from Minnesota so we share one particular thing in common – a bicultural family. While Argentina is in South America there are many things that make it different from Colombia (and let’s admit that Argentinians and Colombians quickly become rivals when it comes to futbol/soccer). That evening we sat together around the table, we shared stories from our countries, as well as some yummy limonada de coco (coconut limeade) from Colombia and mate (an herbal drink) from Argentina. We talked about our families and the experience of being from two different countries. We talked about the joys and challenges of ministry and about the couple’s experience planting a church for latinos in Minneapolis called New Covenant Church.


On Sunday our cross-cultural celebration continued as we participated in the worship service of New Covenant Church. The congregation sang in English and Spanish as Mauricio and Jackie led the time of singing and the children led in the dancing. We met people from Guatemala, Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico and loved the opportunity to interact with all the generations present.  What fun to celebrate in our diverse ways, even as we are united in Christ as one body! We thank God for the work that Pastor Mauricio and Jackie are doing in Minneapolis and for the lives that are being impacted through the ministry of New Covenant Church.

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