It’s time to change


Where to even begin. This past weekend was one of those experiences where you walk away knowing without a doubt that God is at work. I’m so thankful to be here in Colombia, to be working with university students and young adults, to work with people who desire to live out the whole Gospel. (see more pictures here)


A truly diverse group of talented young people


Deep in dialogue


We had the privilege of participating in a conference for young adults/university students that took place at a finca (country house) just outside of the city. It was a great weekend to get away and even better was the company. There were about 20 people who came together to talk, listen, exchange ideas, dream, pray, worship, play. It was a gift to have our pastor and a friend from Chicago join us for the weekend. The surrounding countryside was awe-inspiring and helped create a space of worship and reflection. There were times of teaching/Bible study and Pastor Peter shared about things like how God views our work, the role of a Christian in society, the Gospel, etc. There was lots of time to dialogue in small groups around questions like, “How are we coherent in what we say and do? In what ways is the church engaging and transforming society? What is my role in my university or job? What does it mean that God will restore and renew all of creation? How do we support one another?”


Talent and humility


The dream team - Pastor Peter and Julio (translator)


There were also moments of pure laughter as we played together and got to know one another better. Everyone affirmed the importance of spaces like this one and really showed a desire to continue to create these spaces and invite others to be a part of them. There needs to be a safe space for dialogue, for asking questions, for seeking change. It’s obvious that these young people have passion, talents, gifts, knowledge, love for God, love for people. They are studying to be business administrators, counselors, managers, etc. They have the power to change the world around them and ┬átheir actions are prompted by God’s love and grace.


Amazing view


Relax time with yummy food

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