Children’s ministry training

This week has been a busy one and I’ve at times wondered how I will juggle all of the responsibilities I have. It’s challenging to be a mom, a wife, a student, and serve in ministry. By Saturday afternoon I was feeling tired, but I had committed to going up to the Santo Domingo neighborhood to spend some time with new children’s ministry volunteers. They wanted some training on how to use the curriculum “El Pacto con Dios.” To get to Santo Domingo it is a 35 min. metro ride, a 15 minute ride up the Metrocable another 15 minutes on a bus that winds up an unpaved road (bumpiest ride ever), then about a 10 minute walk up a very steep hill. The sun was intense and I was panting by the time we got to the church, but after 15 minutes of being with the volunteers I forgot about being tired. I love working with volunteers who minister with children and helping them discover all of the creative ways there are to walk alongside children. I am especially thankful for these volunteers in Santo Domingo as there are many, many challenges given the context they are in, but they face them with joy; trusting God to be at work.


Working with the team of volunteers


Reflecting on Mark 10:13-16


Erin showing off her creativity


A great team of volunteers

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