What a week!

Wow! This past week was full of so many wonderful things! It was a week of lots of activity – good activity.

Here’s a little run down to give you a taste of what our week was like –


Worked in the morning on translation and my online course – Old Testament I. In the afternoon Julio was off to a pastor’s meeting and I had a friend come over who wanted to practice English. In the evening Julio met with a friend and I worked on my class some more.


Tuesday morning I finished grocery shopping for the week, getting our house ready for a visitor, meeting someone for coffee and prayer. Julio was working on various different things and then that evening we picked up our friend Erin from the airport. Erin is a friend we met at North Park Seminary and she has come to study Spanish for 3 months at the local University by our house. We are very happy to have her here!


Lunch with Erin



We had an all morning meeting with our mission staff to talk about different ministry related news, made decisions, talked about schedules for work teams and vision trip teams that are coming – we are hosting quite a few people in Oct. and November. Took Erin to lunch with a few friends at a neighborhood restaurant. Took a tour of our neighborhood, came back and got ready for English conversation club. In the evening we had 7 people for English conversation club, plus 4 of us from the USA. We had a few new people, which was fun. It was a great night of interacting with people.


In the morning Julio took Erin over to the University to get her signed up for classes. In the afternoon another North American studying Spanish came over for lunch and we had fun chatting and taking a walk around the neighborhood. That evening we started a brand new English conversation club for our neighbors. What a blast! This is a great group of people…includes a lawyer, a stay at home mom, a civil engineer, etc.


Julio had an all morning meeting about some new developments with the FECEMPEC (Covenant’s Bible training institute). Katie worked on translations for the new children’s curriculum that the Covenant is publishing in English. In the afternoon we watched the Colombia vs. Uruguay soccer game (yay! we won).


Julio met with this region’s core group of Human Rights volunteers. The Covenant church is trying to raise awareness and train pastors and lay leaders about how to address and confront issues of violence, especially domestic violence. We are praying about how to engage in this ministry. In the afternoon Erin and I went to the Botanical Gardens to help out at the Secretary of Education’s tent at the Book Fair. We went to help lead English conversation groups. It was awesome! We met so many great people who were so eager for the opportunity to practice English. That evening we had our small group/core group over for a movie night and discussion.


English conversation at book fair


Movie night



Julio and I team taught during the Sunday service at Fuente de Salvacion church. It was a great opportunity to talk about the important partnership between home and church in the process of walking alongside our children as they come to know God and grow in Christ. At the end we focused on a text in Joshua that talks about the Israel’s crossing the Jordan and the command to build an altar, as a way to remember what God had done, and as a way to share the story with the generations to come. We had them act out part of the text.

That afternoon Erin and I headed back over to the English Conversation club at the book fair. We had the opportunity to talk with a huge variety of people. Definitely one of the highlights from the week.


Teaching together


Not all of our weeks are this busy, but this one was full of so much good stuff I had to share. Please pray for us as we continue to discern how to invest our time wisely.

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