One of the things that brings the most joy as we serve in Colombia is having individuals and groups visit from the U.S.A. We love the opportunity to show off this great country and to serve as a bridge between two cultures and countries. We firmly believe in developing partnerships with ministries here and ministries in the States. This weekend we had the privilege of hosting our Pastor and a friend from our home church in Chicago. Pastor Peter has visited several times and this was Karlos’s first time.


A great conversation led by Karlos and Julio around church planting


On Saturday Karlos and Julio lead a workshop/discussion revolving around the church and church planting. Pastor Peter was originally going to lead this with Karlos, but unfortunately there were issues with the flight and he couldn’t make it until later that night. Karlos did a wonderful job of sharing Scripture, sharing his own experience in church planting, asking questions, listening to the participants. We had about 30-35 people from Medellin, as well as some representatives for the coast. It was great to see their energy as they engaged in small group discussion time and shared ideas with each other. We are thankful to be able to walk alongside pastors and church planters here in Colombia.


Small group time on Saturday


On Sunday we had a great time with a smaller group of people at our apartment. We invited the 15-20 people we’ve been meeting with and who are interested in being a part of the core team of a new church plant. Peter and Karlos shared again about the church, it’s role in the world and in the Kingdom of God, the difference between religion and Gospel, etc. It was a challenging, edifying, encouraging evening. Several people came who have walked away from the church, but believe that somehow God is calling them back. We were able to pray together, eat together, and dialogue together.


Julio trying to keep up with Peter and translate what he says


A similar thing happened Monday morning as another group of people who has begun the process of establishing a new church came to dialogue with Pastor Peter more about his experience, sharing their own experiences, fears, hopes, etc. What a powerful time of being reminded what the church is called to be and what a gracious, loving God we serve. (To see more pictures from the weekend click here)


This weekend was just one example of how others in the U.S.A. are partnering with the ministries here in Colombia. There are so many other ways to get involved. Right now there are opportunities involving teaching English/English conversation, working with schools leading English camps, serving alongside local churches as they minister to children in their communities, participating in a youth conference focusing on leadership development, working alongside churches as they engage in work projects that involve manual labor, etc., etc., etc.. If you are interested in coming to Colombia to: 1) See what God is doing and how the Covenant is ministering in Colombia, or 2) to serve in a particular area that you are gifted in, or 3) to come with a team and serve for a week or two, or 4) to come as an individual or couple and serve teachers, students, who are learning English through English conversation/mentoring relationships….please send us an email!! julio.isaza (at), katie.isaza (at)

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