A testimony

This Sunday we had the privilege of visiting another Covenant Church on the north side of the city. “Remanso de paz” is the name of the church and our friend Tatiana is the pastor. She took over as lead pastor when her mother, who was serving as pastor passed away. Tatiana is extremely talented…in addition to serving as pastor she is also a full-time medical student. Not sure how she does it. It was a fun surprise to arrive and find out that another one of our friends, Edith was going to be preaching that morning. The worship was inspirational, especially as the children shared Bible verses and songs they had learned. On a funny note…Ben followed them up on stage 🙂


Kids singing a song!

[youtube id=”3kIOG_-6gic”]


After a time of worship and communion, Edith approached the pulpit and began to preach. It was music to our ears to hear her share about her transformation in Christ, as someone who all of her life was “religious” but finally came to understand that the Gospel – the good news of Jesus is not about religion, but about relationship and transformation. Edith is some one who is interested in being a part of the new church plant and is actively involved in sharing her faith with others she comes into contact. She’s currently studying Psychology and is a living testimony at her university to the power of the Gospel. She’s told us about friends who don’t want anything to do with religion, but who have asked her what makes her different. In addition to studying, she also works as a hair stylist and beautician (thanks to her my nails look great!) Everywhere she goes she is the fragrance of Jesus. We are so privileged to have her as a friend and partner in the Gospel.


Edith preaching about her encounter with the Gospel

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