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The past few weeks have felt extremely busy for us. We continue to be in the never-ending search for a place of our own and would greatly appreciate your prayers in that respect. At the same time we are moving forward in ministry and are loving it.

I, Katie, had the privilege of leading a workshop for children’s ministry volunteers at one of the local churches. They have started a new program to reach out to the children in their neighborhood and are wanting some help to get organized and figure out how to best implement a children’s curriculum that’s available. I was able to spend the day with them, first watching and helping them during the 2 hour children’s program (60 kids and only 4 volunteers). They did a great job and it was fun to be in a setting with children again, teaching them songs, etc. After the kids program I spent another 3 hours with them, working to help them get the best use out of the material they have. It was a great evening and I was so impressed by their commitment to these children. I’m looking forward to working with them more in the future.


Teaching a sample class


The faithful volunteers participating in the workshop

Julio had the opportunity to participate in the 3 day, Annual Meeting for the Colombian Covenant Church. It was held about an hour from Medellin and included many meetings, but also times of fellowship (soccer games) and worship. It was great for Julio to be back in his element and see so many friends and co-workers. There were significant meetings related to church planting and Julio had some good conversations about next steps for the church plant here in Medellin. Please pray for the Covenant Churches here in Colombia as they continue to reach out to their communities with the good news of God’s love and grace. Pray for the leaders and for wisdom for next steps and future plans.


Small group discussions

Cathy and Pastor Carlos helping to lead worship

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