A little change of plans

On Saturday evening Julio and I planned to go church the next morning. We were very active in a church when we lived here 5 years ago and were excited to see friends. However, plans changed as both boys woke up sick Sunday morning. Ben had been fighting something since Fri. and it hit Sam hard on Sun. So, just Julio went to church, while the boys and I rested. It’s so hard to see little ones sick, especially ones that have so much energy usually. Sam had the saddest look on his face when he told me he wanted to lay down at 10am (which never happens). It was so great for Julio to go to church and see people and worship with friends. I was bummed not to go, but know that there will be plenty of time later. I have to keep reminding myself that we’re here longer than 2 weeks. Still, sometimes it’s hard to have plans changed…all of us are anxious to be out exploring the city and seeing friends, but right now we just need to lay low and get better. Sam told me today with tears in his eyes, “I can’t wait till I feel better and I can play.” Pobrecito! So, keep us in your prayers.

One fun, unexpected piece of news is that we connected with another family that has small kids. They have been so great to email and call and see what we need, to take us out to get things we need. It’s been such a gift from God. They even gave us the number of their doctor that they love. We’re excited to actually hang out with them when our kids are healthy. So I thank God this morning for the people he’s placed around us! And right now I’m enjoying the peace and quiet while looking out the window at the sunshine and the palm trees.

Here are some fun pictures of the boys when they were feeling well.


This was at the airport. He had so much fun pulling this little suitcase


Happy to have some toys from home to play with.

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