Looking back and looking ahead


Four year old Sam looks out the window of the El train heading downtown

This is a particularly reflective time in our lives. For one, our oldest son, Sam, just turned 4 years old. When Julio and I came to Chicago it was just the two of us and now we’re leaving with two children. These past five years have been significant years of life change and growth. Both of us remember vividly holding Sam after he was born – bringing him home from the hospital, the times to just savor being together, listening to Christmas music as we adjusted to life with a baby. Now he’s four and he’s full of life, stubbornness, questions, creativity, and love. Chicago is the only home he’s known and he loves the El train, the Shedd aquarium, the boats on Lake Michigan. It’s been amazing to see life and the city through the eyes of a child. We’ve been talking lately with Sam about all the great things there are to look forward to in Colombia – seeing friends and family, eating yummy food, riding the metro train, etc. Still for Sam and for us there’s a sadness in leaving.

Still, we trust that God goes before us and has new incredible life adventures waiting for us in Colombia. We look forward to new memories we will make as a family and to the ministry that we’ll get to be a part of in Colombia. So in the midst of major transition and chaos as we pack up our life into 10 suitcases, we thank God for the amazing blessing of having lived in this great city, for the kind, caring and loving people we’ve met and the life-long friendships we’ve made. We have been blessed to be in such a supportive community, both at the Seminary and at Covenant Offices where Katie worked. We reflect on the many ways God’s presence has been real in our lives and hold on to the truth of who God is as we go into this new phase of life and ministry.

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