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So, I hope someday to be on a consistent schedule with posting the picture of the week! As many of you may have heard, we have our departure date for Colombia! All of the visa/paperwork came through and we have purchased our tickets. Hitting the “purchase” button was one of those exciting and terrifying moments. As our departure gets closer, I continue to realize how much I will miss Chicago. For example, I’ll miss driving down Lake Shore Drive, and hearing Sam ask, “Do you see the John Hancock building? That’s my favorite building ever!” So, I’m trying to take advantage of the time we have left here to make some great memories. Sam and I spent Saturday morning at the Planetarium. It was a beautiful fall day in Chicago and the skyline was crystal clear. Here’s to making memories!


Enjoying a day downtown!

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2 thoughts on “Picture of the week

  1. That is a good picture and the day there does look clear. Always make memories, that is what Grandma Ginny used to say.
    Love you guys and am going to miss you even if we don’t get to see each other as much as I would like.

    Via con Dios

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  2. Thanks Uncle Herb! There are so many times I think about Grandma Ginny…baking cookies, decorating for Christmas…so many great memories. We’ll miss you too! Would love to have you visit some day 🙂 Praying for you!

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