Hispanic Heritage Celebration

What a weekend we had! We literally were in MN for only 48 hours and it was jam packed! The whole weekend was full of activities and we felt very much like ambassadors 🙂 It started out with a Taste of Colombia with a great group of people from Roseville Covenant church. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was “fiesta-like” and we loved the time to hang out with dear friends. So fun to be with people I’ve known since I was a child.


Enjoying great conversation and coffee


The fiesta theme continued as we participated in events celebrating Hispanic Heritage that was a joint effort of La Bendicion Covenant Church and Redeemer Covenant Church. Check out the news article on the weekend. Saturday they threw a city-wide party and hundreds of people came to take a “tour” of Latin America – food, dress, dance, music, etc. Julio and I even got to stand up on the stage and share a little reflection from God’s word. We spent the afternoon greeting people as they came to the Colombia booth! How awesome to meet people with connections to Colombia…we even had a great conversation with one of the local police officers who’s originally from Colombia. How awesome to celebrate the diversity of God’s creation.


Our post at the festival


Welcoming people to "Colombia"


Sharing a reflection on the Gospel

Sharing a reflection on the Gospel


On Sunday we had the privilege of sharing during Redeemer and La Bendicion’s joint service. Again it was a celebration in English and Spanish and it was a time that we could share how God has been at work in our lives and how we’ll be serving in Colombia. It’s the first time we did the whole thing in Spanish and English (translating for each other). We received such affirmation and were truly moved to have the congregation at both services pray over us. So thankful for the ways that God crossed our paths with Pastor Steve and Pastor Juan. We are so excited for the ministry partnerships that are forming with different local congregations. We feel truly supported and encouraged.

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