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Last weekend Julio and I enjoyed a quick trip to St. Louis. We’d never been before and enjoyed the opportunity to travel without our kids for a change. Our wonderful friend Megan stepped up and watched them all weekend so we could get away. The main purpose for our trip was connecting with Kirkwood Covenant Church, which has committed to partnering with us in the ministry in Colombia. YAHOO!! We are so thankful!

We were truly recharged after our time with Pastor Steve and his wife Pam, and the congregation at Kirkwood. Pastor Steve and Pam graciously opened up their home to us and spoiled us with their hospitality. We enjoyed conversations over dinner about how God is working in the lives of people all over the world and how we’re called to join God’s mission in the world.


Pastor Steve and his wife Pam

On Sunday we were welcomed by the church and given the opportunity to share during the service about our lives, how God has changed our lives and why we’re compelled to serve in Colombia. We felt such affirmation from the people who spoke with us after the service. We were particularly moved by a group of youth from Nebraska who were visiting the church that Sunday on their way to serve at a camp in Virginia for a week. I, Katie, shared about the first time when I felt God nudging me to consider serving internationally, as I served for a week at an orphanage in Reynosa when I was 15 years old. It was humbling to share that story with those students and think about what God might be calling them to. After the service they surrounded us and said they wanted to show their support of us; so they collected an offering. We were speechless!

It was one of those moments where life seems to come full circle. How awesome to encounter God through these young people. We can only pray that God would use us to be an example to them, as they have been for us.

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