Bake Sale

I love bake sales! I love the way our church gets behind bake sales 100%. This past month, the International Mission Committee hosted a bake sale and all proceeds went towards our ministry in Colombia. You should have seen the treats!!! It was really unbelievable. So many people donated cookies, cakes, bread, cupcakes, etc.  We were amazed to see almost all of it sold! The result – over $1000 was raised. Thank you New Community for your partnership in the ministry in Colombia. Just another example of the variety of fun ways people have found to support us!


We definitely felt supported!


A table full of goodies!


Look at the variety! People really put time and love into baking all this.


Yet another table full of yummy baked goods! Seriously, by the time everyone donated the goodies, there wasn't room on the tables to put them!


This was a great way for people to connect more with us and find out about the ministry in Colombia




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