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Cell phone reception

Well, we’re having a bit of a challenge right now, with our truck (the part should arrive Saturday the 27th and be put in Monday the 29th) and our cell phone connection.  Our little booster antenna system …

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Busy busy busy on the CEFA farm

The CEFA farm is overflowing with workers right now, cleaning up orchards and other maintenance, and the workers always start their day with bible study and prayer.  A big exciting thing happening is processing harvests for sale!  CEFA is on …

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What is in a name?

When we arrived to a friend’s compound the other day, we found that it was naming day for the new member of the family, a 7 day old beautiful baby girl.  They make quite a big deal out of the …

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Cocoa production

Taking the cocoa beans from the pod

Pouring the cocoa beans and pulp into a gunny sack

Leaving the beans to fermentDrying the beans after fermentation

How wonderful it is to see cocoa pods being processed into profits!  CEFA …

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Cattle back, us too

The cattle are back, eating the lovely green grass of their home pastures, rather than having to be closely scrutinized each moment to make sure they weren’t getting into someone’s garden as they grazed.  We are thankful for a return …

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Failure to communicate

Sometimes when we have a conversation in Sango or Fulfulde, the wires can get crossed.  What we think we hear and what we are completely convinced that we made clear can turn into figments of our imagination.  When Roy got …

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Please pray for A

My dear friend, A, wife of our cattle caretaker, will undergo surgery tomorrow, Tuesday the 30th.  Please pray for her healing, and pray for the deep love of the Lord to be revealed to her.


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