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I’m reading a book called “Home” by Marilynne Robinson.  It’s a rather slow moving, depressing story about a brother and sister who have returned home, complete with emotional baggage, as 30 or 40-something adults.  I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it as …

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Five Smooth Stones

An excellent book by Ann Fairburn – don’t be misled by the cover picture…there is a love story that winds through it, but there is MUCH more to the book than that. It tells the life story of, you might …

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Night by Elie Wiesel

Sobering, heart breaking, reality checking, and intense book that I had a hard time putting down.  Elie shares his journey through WWII concentration camps with his father.  He makes some true and wonderfully strong statements, like “one person can make …

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Christianity Rediscovered

This book by Donovan, written in the 70’s, is quite the thought provoker!  As a Catholic priest, working in East Africa, he begins his journey in this book with wondering why, after 100 years in the area, there is no …

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Same Kind of Different As Me

What a great book! Pithy wisdom in a touching story. Some of my favorite quotes:
re:possessions “Are you sure you own them, or does they own you?”
To rich people it’s sushi, to poor people it’s bait
“Tell ’em I’m …

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