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The rest of the cocoa story

Last installment we got as far as the drying of the cocoa beans in the sun.  Now we see the roasting, shelling, grinding, mixing with water, heating, and the drawing off of the oil that comes to the surface.  The …

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Roy’s hip

Please pray for Roy, he’s suffering with deep pain in his right hip.  We are so thankful that we are going to South Africa and we already have an appointment for him with the top notch orthopedist who helped with …

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As I cross the river back and forth twice weekly, I have to go through many barriers or checkpoints.  Some are for the CAR side, including police and immigration and customs, with the same on the Cameroon side, but with …

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Painting signs

Roy’s busy trying to get signs painted and put up all over the CEFA farm, so visitors can understand better what they’re looking at.

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Stylin’ ?!?

This little guy thinks his underwear covered bum hanging out is stylin’ and cool, but I don’t.  We only have some crazy people and the media to thank.

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Enjoying peach palm

It’s pretty fun to be able to enjoy weird produce, and this week we’re eating peach palm.  You boil it and it has the consistency of potatoes with fibers in them, and it tastes a bit like corn.  Delicious!


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Thank you for praying for A

With the return of our Dr. Tim, a second opinion says that A doesn’t need surgery, we’re hoping that medicine will help her.  She is now with her husband out at the cattle ranch on the CEFA farm, hoping for …

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Women’s self-help group

Roy was able to attend the biweekly local women’s self-help group, and he was impressed by the unity and organization of the meeting, their putting their confidence in God first and hoping to be strong and help each other.


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