when life gives you lemons

The boy wanted in the moment we told him what was up.  As soon as we mentioned what was next for our family in this process, the wheels started turning and he was brainstorming, making a business plan and networking with those he knew that could help turn the dream into a reality.

And the dream.  A lemonade stand to help get our family to Ecuador.  That’s right folks, the worlds most fantastic lemonade stand is soon coming to a corner near you!  (At least it will be near you  if you are in Chicago.  But if not…no worries!  You can be a part too!)

The plan has been in the works for months and our kids are super excited about participating in the process of fundraising.  Details about the stand and how to support these two little entrepreneurs will be coming soon, but first we need to give a big thanks to a couple of our most favorite people on the planet who helped take the lemonade stand dreams to a whole new level.



 We have known Erik and Kristina for quite sometime now.  Erik and I actually met way back in high school at a Covenant event and Kristina was roommates with my sister in college.  Though we have known them for many years, in these past few since returning back to Chicago they have become such treasured and important people to us.  They have been part of our most excellent small group from our most excellent church the past few years and have become those friends that we can’t imagine our life without.  They are those friends that offer to babysit our kids and that we go on adventures with to ride the holiday train in Chicago and bring ice cream when we have rotten days.  They love us well and they love our kids well and they also helped to build the most excellent lemonade stand.

So one day this past spring when the weather was just starting to warm up, we met up in the Amundsen’s backyard and sat in the long awaited sun.  With the smell of sawdust in the air, Erik patiently taught B about power tools and E set up shop on Kristina’s lap, one of her favorite places to be, and the stand was constructed.  The stand that will be bringing you lemonade very soon and raising more funds to help us in our move back to Ecuador.

And!  Get this.  These two people.  The two that are some of our most favorite people on the planet.  THEY ARE MOVING TO ECUADOR TOO!  To be short term missionaries with the ECC and partner with IPEE too!  Just like us!  It often feels WAY too good to be true.  God is so good.

Hop on over to Erik and Kristina’s blog to see what they will be up to in Ecuador and check back soon for lemonade stand details!

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  1. Erik amundsen

    Thanks for the shout out Hoskins! We are so glad to have friends like you with us in this process. Looking forward to the day we are all in Ecuador together making lemonade from the lemon tree in our backyard!

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