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CHICAGO, IL (December 31, 2012) – Copies of the Covenant Home Altar were shipped today to individuals and churches following delays caused by an error on the part of the transport company that picked up the material from the printer and misrouted the shipment to Florida instead of Chicago.

The devotional guides are normally shipped in bulk to Evangelical Covenant Church offices in Chicago, where individual packages are prepared for mailing to individual subscribers and local Covenant church offices. The production schedule is designed to allow adequate time for processing, mailing and receipt of copies in homes and churches before the start of a new quarterly period.

The trucking company delivered the errant shipment to Covenant offices last Friday. Mailroom personnel came in over the holiday weekend to work on the individual mailings for delivery to the Post Office this morning.

“We appreciate the dedication of our mailroom staff to voluntarily give up their holiday weekend to complete this important work, so that delays to recipients could be minimized as much as possible,” said Don Meyer, executive minister of Covenant Communications. “Our Fulfillment Center manager also is in conversation with the printing firm to ensure that this kind of mistake is not repeated,” he added.

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