New System in Place to Assist Covenant Churches

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CHICAGO, IL (December 21, 2012) – The Covenant Resource Center of the Evangelical Covenant Church recently was closed, but a new system will ensure that people seeking to have questions answered will be directed to appropriate areas of expertise.

Covenanters can email their questions ( or call 773-784-3000.

“The Resource Center has been a significant ministry serving thousands of people,” said Doreen Olson, executive minister of the Department of Christian Formation. “Our new system will operate with the same values that guided the Resource Center – relationships, responsiveness, and providing right answers.”

[pull]”It’s a new resourcing day we’re in.”[/pull]

Olson praised the work of Millie Lungren, who gave guidance to the center since its inception 25 years ago. “When the Resource Center was initiated, it was a way to provide Covenant church leaders, both pastors and lay, with a ‘one-stop shopping’ experience,” Olson said. “Millie’s name became synonymous with excellent customer service. In fact, we began hearing this catchy phrase in celebration of that fact – ‘Don’t be silly. Just call Millie!’

“She has led by example for 25 years. Today that same excellence is supported throughout Covenant Offices and is extended with avenues of peer-resourcing groups through Facebook and blogs. It’s a new resourcing day we’re in. And it all started with a high-touch service guided by Millie Lungren.”

Her leadership gifts will now be employed to further develop other critical ministries – expanding opportunities to receive expanding opportunities to experience spiritual companionship, guiding prayer retreat experiences and overseeing development of Week of Prayer materials, and strengthening older adult ministry.

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8 comments “New System in Place to Assist Covenant Churches”

Millie and her staff were just wonderful…Helpful, fun, and always pleasant, They were a ready and available connection to the broader ministry of the Covenant. Thanks so much!

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Millie, you did a great job resourcing me and so many more. Over the years of Christian Education Consulting you were indispensible to me!!!
Thank you for all your help and encouragement.

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Millie is the most amazing “behind the scenes” servant! Thank you for using your wonderful gifts for the Kingdom!

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Just read about your new appointment. Thanks for your super work these 25 years and I wish you the very best in the future. Steve

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Millie: Was it 1976 or 77, can’t remember. Thanks for your consistant efforts over the years and for the many opportunities over the years that we have had the chance to connect. Hoping you find joy in your new role.

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Millie–thanks for your service to the ECC and to Rob and me. We especially loved when you sent us little notes about the latest film. Hugs!!

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I have also spoken with and have been blessed by Millie over the years. Thank you for a wonderful ministry and for shaping the kind of personal, relational response we will continue to expect from the new resourcing system! And I am glad to see that since you are continuing in ministry there are still good reasons to call you again!

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Thanks, Millie for your “ministry” at CRC! I don’t know how you did it, but you always knew me when I would call and I assume that was true for all those who used the resources you have there.

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