Thoughtful Act Honored on Morning TV Show

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NEW YORK CITY, NY (April 10, 2012) – Marcus Crone was stunned Monday morning on national television when “Good Morning America” named him a winner of the Disney Memory Maker contest for his act of kindness, in which he invited a young woman with Downs Syndrome to prom last spring after she had been turned down by several other teens.

Crone is a member of Crossroads Community Church in Yelm, Washington; a staff member at Cascades Camp and Conference Center, and a freshman at North Park University.

He and his mother, Stephanie, were part of the crowd outside the taping of the show when he and several others were called to step forward and then told they had been named winners and awarded a trip to Disney World.

[pull]“He made her feel like Cinderella that night.”[/pull]

One of the show’s hosts, George Stephanopoulos, then told Crone, “Your story is so amazing. You had us all just welled up.” Then the host said he had another surprise. The young woman, Chelsea McComb, and her mother, Mary, appeared from the crowd, and ran to hug Crone.

In a videotaped segment recorded before the presentation, Chelsea said the prom “was the best moment in my entire life.” Click here to view more.

“He made her feel like Cinderella that night,” said Mary, adding that her daughter had never had a date. “When they walked out to the car, I truly, truly don’t believe her feet touched the ground.”

Crone, who did not know he had been nominated, was chosen from among several thousand entries. Another member of the Crossroads congregation nominated him.

Crone’s mother, Stephanie, was in on the ruse to get him to New York City. She told her son nearly two months ago that she had won a contest called Whisk Your Mom Away that awarded her the opportunity to travel and take a family member. The two were treated to limousine service, tickets to live performances, and to Good Morning America.

In an interview this morning, Crone, a former high school state wrestling champion, said, “It was a blessing for me to be able to have the opportunity to take Chelsea to the prom. We danced the entire time. It was so much fun.”

Crone says he hopes it can be arranged for Chelsea and her family to travel to Disney World with his family.

The North Park student hopes to delay his sophomore year by serving in Asia, Africa, and South America with Adventures in Mission. Crossroads Pastor Russell Blake said, “Marcus has just been just a key kid in our youth group prior to going to North Park. He would champion youth group Bible study and bring kids left and right.”

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6 comments “Thoughtful Act Honored on Morning TV Show”

What a beautiful story and what a wonderful young man you are! In addition to being a thoughtful friend, an outstanding athlete and a student leader, your desire to travel with Adventures in Mission shows that you are the caring son for which any parent would be proud and grateful. God Bless you, Marcus, in all that unfolds before you in the days and years ahead.

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What a delightful story and tribute to true servanthood. May our Lord continue to use this young man!

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What a joy this was to see on YouTube.  I looked at it severl times and 
was weepy each time and I shared the site with several friends.  I loved
seeing the stunned look on Marcus’ face when he realized that his
mom had played this trick on him and it was so nice of Mary McComb
to want to honor him this way.  It was a well deserved honor
and I’m proud to know he’s a Covenanter from the North Pacific

Donna j. Plamberg
Mercer Island. WA

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A moving story of an act that touched lives. Marcus may never know how much that single act of asking Chelsea to the prom and the one special evening together will touch the lives of all that hear the story. May God be glorified over and again with the retelling of this story of Marcus’ kindness.

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Marcus Crone…May I take the time to commend you, for being a true exception, to many of today’s male-youth.  You are the epitome of a true, selfless, gentleman, that puts others and their feelings before your own.  As I train up my 7 year old daughter, I am teaching her to take note of the type of young man she could eventually spend the rest of her life with, God-willing, one like you, who truly “lives” a Christ-like example of loving others–no matter what.  I will forever keep this article, so that when my daughter is old enough to understand, she will remember and learn what it means to put others first.

I also commend your parent(s) for how they have brought you up as well.  This world would be a much better place if there were more young men, such as yourself…Hold strong, stay true, no matter the cost….


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As a grandmother of a beautiful granddaughter with down syndrome, I hope when she is old enough to go to her prom she will be asked because she is amazing. She works so hard everyday. Yes this young man did a wonderful thing and I commend him . Did Chelsea go to Disneyworld also? Just a thought from a meme who loves all her grandbabies the same.

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