No U.S. Source for Purchasing India Wafers

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CHICAGO, IL (March 29, 2012) – Response to Tuesday’s online article, Broken Lives Find New Hope in Communion Wafers, has been heartwarming, accompanied by numerous requests from local Covenant churches asking how they can purchase supplies of the communion wafers referenced in the story.

Unfortunately, there is no structured system in place to sell the wafers in the U.S., given numerous challenges related to importation and resale of products containing food ingredients, production capacity limitations in India, and monetary exchange considerations among others. Should the situation change, Covenant News Service will post an updated online news story.

On a related note, one reader asks if individuals and/or churches in the U.S. can donate funds that can be used to purchase wafers for distribution to churches in India that may be otherwise unable to afford them. Those interested in donating funds to purchase wafers for donation to churches in India may direct checks made payable to the Evangelical Covenant Church at 8303 West Higgins Road, Chicago, IL, 60631. In the memo line, designate “HCC wafer project.” Funds will be sent to the Hindustani Covenant Church for that designated purpose.

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One Response to “No U.S. Source for Purchasing India Wafers”

While I would be eager to support this ministry if it were possible to import the wafers from India, it also occurs to me that these women have created a model we could implement here in the United States.  Instead of importing the wafers, could we import the ministry idea?

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