Covenant App Available for iPhone, Android Phones

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CHICAGO, IL (February 11, 2011) – The Evangelical Covenant Church mobile application for smart phones has been redesigned and expanded to support not only iPhones, but also the popular Android devices.

Called CovLink, the free application currently includes the daily online Covenant news report – stories appear as they are added throughout the day. It also includes information on four major Covenant events – Annual Meeting, Midwinter, the Feast and CHIC 2012.


A third feature contains several Covenant videos, including the Feast 2011 promo, several video segments from the just-completed Midwinter Conference, and the five theme videos that premiered during last year’s 125th Annual Meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota: We Are a Caring Church, We Are a Calling Church, We Are a Sending Church, We Are a Discipling Church, and We Are an Immigrant Church. Additional videos will be added on a regular basis in ensuing months.

The app is fully integrated with Twitter, Facebook, and email, allowing the user to share content with others.

The Find-A-Church mapping feature, which was part of the original iPhone application introduced last year, is being re-engineered and will be added back to the application for both iPhone and Android as soon as that work is completed.

Those who have already downloaded the first iPhone application – titled CovChurch – will want to delete that application and download the new CovLink version, as the older CovChurch app has been discontinued and will no longer be supported.

To quickly access the free CovLink application for iPhone or Android, visit the CovLink page on the Covenant website, which contains direct links to the apps in both the Apple Apps Store and the Android Marketplace. Users can also visit those store websites and search for the CovLink application.

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3 comments “Covenant App Available for iPhone, Android Phones”

For some time I have meant to tell this to people writing articles about technology: there is no such word as “app”. It’s application. Using the word “app” is akin to (like) using the phrase “who are you wearing?” You can’t wear a who, only a what.

“App” is funny and cute. And did I also say stupid?

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I just tried looking for the app in the App Store on the iPhone using the search phrase of CovLink. There were zero results. It wasn’t until I looked it up on Apple’s site that I found the complete app title of Evangelical Covenant Church. I typed that into the App Store on my iPhone and successfully found and installed the app. Thank you for updating the app with the new features.


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Mike, Language and culture evolve and change all the time. New words are entered in the dictionary every year. You are entitled to your opinion though. See,,,

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