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3 Reasons YOU should be at YWC 2012

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According to Tim Ciccone:

1.  The connection at Youth Workers Connection with other Covenant Youth Workers is a truly a gift.  There is a shared journey that comes together in Chicago at YWC. It’s a place where we find support and encouragement—it’s a great demonstration of the beauty of the body of Christ.

2.  Deep Conversations:  At YWC you will have the opportunity to enter into conversations that will challenge you in your current ministry and life context.  It may be with a college student over coffee, at a seminar that will give you fresh perspectives on ministry issues, or in the main session with thoughtful speakers. Jump in.

3.  FUN and Refreshment:  Whether you’re walking the streets of beautiful downtown Chicago with friends, worshipping during the main sessions, take time out to read, or just enjoy laughing with friends. YWC is scheduled with YOU in mind–that your soul might be renewed and refreshed.  Come and enjoy your time in Chicago this January!

Need I say more?
Register TODAY!

YWC 2011

Weren’t sure you’d hear about it again, were you? Well, if you’d like to see pieces of what you missed if you weren’t able to join us downtown last month, or if you’d like to prove to people that we had Chicago’s Giordano’s Pizza in the Preston Bradley Room at the Chicago Cultural Center with a GORGEOUS dome ceiling…why don’t you check out the photos we’ve loaded for these specific purposes…well, not totally. I like to look at the photos because it was a fantastic weekend and we’re already thinking about what YWC 2012 will look like.

Check it out, the photos on the right sidebar will take you to the “ECC Chicago” flickr account and you’ll even be able to find photos from other events. Enjoy!

Connection Breakout Sessions

There are a number of breakout sessions for you to participate in…check them out! Continue Reading »

Youth Worker Connection 2011

Have you heard? We’ll be meeting downtown Chicago January 28-30, 2011. Check it out: Connection 2011.

In a world filled with noise, distractions, obligations, appointments, expectations, and 24/7 movement, it is hard to be still and take time to listen to that still, small voice, to experience the gift of presence with God, our family, and our friends. We invite you to set aside some time to join in community with fellow Covenant youth workers from around North America to be refreshed and renewed, and to rekindle your passion for ministry. You give so much of yourself as you walk beside others in ministry. Take some time this January to share your journey with other youth workers who understand the joys and challenges of ministry life. Continue Reading »