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From Dominique Gilliard:

Below are excepts from a statement that is being put together for a task force on education for the CCDA (Christian Community Development Association) this year. This will be relevent to what we will be discussing at CHIC2012 in a few more weeks. Within it you’ll find some good resources on subject matter I wanted to pass on to y’all for y’all to potentially pass on to others.


All children, regardless of race, nationality, economic status, gender or citizenship, deserve access and opportunity for quality, (public) education that enables the fullness of life.


God’s word reminds us that all children are created in the image of God and should be honored, taught and treated equally.


American history and culture is built on the premise that education is the major steppingstone to the “fullness of life.”  History shows that education has been the major doorway to becoming full and productive Americans.  After the Supreme Court ruled that “separate was not equal”, public schools became the tapestry for our multicultural society.   Faith communities have often created educational systems at all levels, as a part of their ministry.  But tragic inequality has diminished the results and darkens our future as a nation. 

Christopher Jencks (Harvard)’s 1972 book, Inequality: A Reassessment of the Effect of Family and Schooling in America, documented the situation.  

Jonathan Kozol poignantly illustrated the continuing situation in his 1991 book, Savage Inequalities, and updated it in his 2005 book, Shame of the Nation: Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America.  

Current books, includingWaiting for Superman (2010, also made into a documentary) show the need for change, and illustrate some of the ways “we can save America’s failing Public Schools.”


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