Mixin’ it up on Monday!

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Did you receive a CHIC promotional box yet? I mean, did yours have the CHIC logo sticker on the flap of the box like the one in this photo?

If so, email chic2012@covenantevents.org with a photo of yourself with the box and you just may be one of the lucky ones who will receive a gift from the CHIC Office!

The prizes:

                • $15 iTunes gift card to the first 5,
                • $10 iTunes gift card to the second 5, and
                • $5 iTunes gift card to the third 5 to respond!
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3 comments “Mixin’ it up on Monday!”

Glad to have gotten the materials. 

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Deb, Did you get a box with the sticker though?! 

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Hey everyone! I’ve received 7 emails from folks who have gotten their materials, but not all of them have the “bat signal” sticker visible….be sure it is, or you’ll miss out! 

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