A Great Post about Pride from Roger Sheck

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A great article from Roger Sheck, Worship pastor of Eastridge Covenant Church in Clackamas OR.


A good reminder that true humility is not a matter of “hiding” or “denying” your God-given gifts, but rather offering them up in humble service. Romans 12:3 reminds us of the need to look on ourselves with “sober judgement, in accordance with the faith that God has distributed to each of you.”


Rooting for you,


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One Response to “A Great Post about Pride from Roger Sheck”

Great post. I struggle with this a lot – I never know what to do with myself when everything comes together in the right way. I can barely make eye contact with the people who feel led to affirm my talents after the worship service!

It’s a slow process, but I’m learning to humbly accept encouragement and even praise (I feel like I should use a different word!), bearing in mind that it’s God who is equipping me for this specific calling.

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