Real Worship or Pseudo Event?

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Sometimes I refer to the weekly Christian gathering as a “worship event.” I do this to distinguish our gatherings from the larger action we simply call “worship.” Since worship is the giving of whole persons to the love and service of Christ and others, it seems wise to use slightly different language when referring to the Christian gathering. So… I tend to include the word “event.”

But that word has some problems too. Read the recent post by Brent Laytham, Real Event or Pseudo Event, and you’ll see what I mean. Brent is reflecting on the staged drama of political conventions– contrasting this with real life in Christ.

Have you ever been planning a worship event, leading a worship event or just participating in a worship event when suddenly you think, “This is not real. It’s staged. I’m scared.”? Ever have these thoughts while writing or rehearsing a sermon?

I have.

Most often it has to do with my attitude and approach, not the order of worship. And I’ve learned to recognize those encounters as God’s rod and staff comforting me– leading me away from the pseudo and back to what is real.

Anyone else?

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I wonder if sometimes worship is both real and pseudo.

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