November 2012 Monthly Prayer Bulletin

Dear Friends & Prayer Partners,

Greetings from Tokyo. We’re already half way through this month but let us give you a few brief blips of news via some photos. We’ve enjoyed some lovely Fall days. The cosmos were out in all their glory on my jog by the river the other day.

Last month our Isesaki church folk enjoyed an outdoor worship service in a nearby park. Here Pastor Yobu Maruyama, a young pastor who works with our colleagues, Jay & Ellen Haworth, is sharing the message.

On October 8 some of the church leaders from Isesaki shared in a mini-retreat (5 peaceful hours up on Mt. Akagi) just talking and praying about the future. Thank you for praying for this church along with us for so many years.

This past Sunday, Nov. 11th, I had a chance to be part of the 30th anniversary of the Shiroyama Church in the city of Odawara. I spoke during the worship service and shared some music. My folks Gordon and Lucille started this church from a small group of believers and seekers back when the work of the Odawara Christian Center was in its very early stages. A few of those folks were there yesterday and it was very encouraging for me to be with them. About 75 were in attendance at the worship service and lunch following. Mr. Tsuruki, pictured below, was led to a faith in Christ by my mother, and later baptized and married by my father. His 30-year-old daughter on my left shares her birthday with the church!

And another shot of the entire group…

Today – Wednesday the 14th – we are having a gathering at our home of the ARC (Asia Regional Committee) made up of several of our fellow Covenant missionaries serving here in Asia and led by our regional coordinators, Peter and Ruthie Dutton. They’ve flown in from Laos, Thailand and China for a couple days of face-to-face talks. It’s fun to be together and we’re praying for productive discussions. Here we are out for a walk after lunch…

When those meetings finish up tomorrow, we’ll have exactly 24 hours to get ready for our Covenant Missionary Annual Conference being held this weekend (11/16-17). Of course everyone won’t be staying in our home but since our house is big and fairly centrally located it will serve as our “command center” for meals and times together.

Thanks for praying about this conference in the following ways:

  • for Andrea, as she’s playing host with quite a bit of food prep.
  • for each family that will be gathering (here in Japan are Haworths, Johnsons, Carlsons, Bergs, Duttons, and possibly Jim Peterson…. in the U.S. and not able to join us are Hydi Peterson, Grant & Miho Buchholtz, and Stephen and Soo Bay) 
  • We worship together, conduct a minimal amount of business, and then spend the bulk of our time in sharing. It is a time of accountability, strategizing, dreaming, and praying. Thanks for praying with us for a special leading and work of the Holy Spirit among us.

Thanks for your prayer support again this month…

Your partners in prayer and mission,

Tim & Andrea Johnson

(Sam, Lilla & Sky)

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