September 2012 Monthly Prayer Bulletin

Dear Friends & Prayer Partners,

OK, so here are those prayer requests for September that we promised to send you:

  1. Concert at Isesaki Church – This is happening on Saturday, Sept. 8, at 7 p.m. A well-known gospel singer / songwriter named Migiwa will be performing. Thanks for praying about this event immediately!
  2. Audio Bible Japan – This is our Bible reading podcast that we’ve been producing for about 2 and a half years now. We just had our very first ABJ “committee meeting” to talk about our next steps…. the photo below shows some new folks who are coming on board to help us. We’re excited about the possibility of a new website and the completion of a new app for mobile devices. Thanks for praying! More details in the coming weeks…
  3. Andrea and the children – Sam, Lilla & Sky started back at CAJ (Christian Academy) on August 23rd and are busy with school work and sports. Thanks for praying with us about their faith walks and all areas of their school lives. (Particularly we’d appreciate your prayers for wisdom as we work hard with Sky on reading, writing and some social / emotional issues.) Andrea is actually enjoying a bit of “down” time as her work at camp finishes and her university teaching doesn’t roll again until October. But she’s busy with writing projects, serving at the Isesaki church, and just taking care of the rest of us! We feel blessed as we head into the Fall…

How can we thank you for your prayer??!  Well, we can’t adequately but we pray that our Father in heaven will reward you richly in every way…

Folks helping us with the Audio Bible Japan project: Qsang Lee (Korean missionary with Campus Crusade), Pastor Kogure (our colleague and host of the podcast), his daughter Akari (reader of the scripture texts), yours truly, Josh Brenner (missionary presently working with CRASH, Japan – a relief organization serving in Tohoku since the earthquake and tsunami), and Yobu Maruyama, a young pastor serving in our Covenant denomination.

Your partners in prayer and mission,

Tim & Andrea Johnson

(Sam, Lilla & Sky)

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