January 2011 Monthly Prayer Bulletin

(photo: The Isesaki Church gathering on 12/19/2010. Mr. Fujikura is in the front row on the far left.)

Dear Prayer Partners,

Hope you have had a great start to 2011. Let us fill you in a bit on our happenings:


Thanks for praying for our various outreach events. We had fun and blessed gatherings on 12/23 – a cookie baking party and candlelight service. Mr. Fujikura, a man who has been attending the Isesaki Church for about a year now was baptized on 12/19. His very moving testimony was an encouragement to all. For a few photos of these events go HERE.

New Years

Following the Christmas activities we were able to get away as a family and enjoy the snowy environs of Nagano for several days. You can check out a few photos of our snow adventures HERE.


Wow, a whole year stretching out before us. What are some of the things you’ve been praying about? What would God have each of us involved in… and pouring our energies into? If we answer in general ways, we could probably all come up with similar answers but when it gets down to specifics….it gets a bit trickier doesn’t it? Here are a few topics we’re praying about. Would you join us as we offer these up to our Father in heaven, seeking His will for 2011?

  • Akagi Bible Camp  Tim continues as the chair of the camp board. The main challenges for 2011 continue to be financial in nature as well as keeping a good summer program going without a full-time camp manager. Lord, provide just the right team of volunteers throughout the camping season.
  • Gunma Prefectural Women’s University  Andrea has just 6 weeks left of this school year…. finals and papers due, as well as turning in grades during the month of February. March is “off” and then the new school year begins in April. Lord, please use Andrea in her many contacts and conversations at this university. Lead her to those relationships that You desire to use in a special way.
  • Isesaki Church – We praise God for a new home for the church during 2010. Lord, continue to build up this body of believers. Show us how to cooperate with the Brazilian Congregation (with whom we share the space) in order to more effectively share your good news in our area.
  • Gunma Harvest – This is our ministry of prayer and networking in order to reach out to places in Gunma Prefecture where there are still few or no churches. Lord, we feel a bit stuck after a year of less activity and planning. Help us to know how to continue this important work.
  • Daily Audio Bible in Japanese – This is our short 5-minute daily podcast which takes Japanese listeners through the New Testament in a year. We just started “year 2” on January 1st. Lord, strengthen Pastor Kogure and his daughter Akari as they read and share your Word in this way. Give strength to the DAB team in the USA (Nashville) as they produce multiple podcasts for use around the world. Help us as we are attempting to break into the cell phone world here in Japan….lead us to those people who can help us with technical advice and resources.
  • Christian Academy and Tokyo area ministry – Lord, thank you for moving our family to Tokyo. Thank you for the wonderful school you have provided for Sam, Lilla, and Sky. Please grow each of them in their faith and love for You. Help us as we pray about new opportunities to serve You in this new place…

If you would be willing to pray the italicized sentences WITH US over the next few weeks and months we are confident that God will lead us in the right way!  May your 2011 be a year filled with the power and blowing of the Holy Spirit.

For a few thoughts from Andrea feel free to check out her blog: MATCHA WITH ME…

Thanks in advance for your partnership in 2011. We are SO grateful.

Your partners in prayer and mission,

Tim & Andrea Johnson

Sam, Lilla & Sky


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