November 2010 Monthly Prayer Bulletin

photo:  Fall colors of Mt. Madarao and Lake Nojiri, taken on 11/3/2010.

Dear Prayer Partners,

We once again thank you for your commitment to praying for us regularly. Thanks also for your thoughts, greetings, and comments. It feels great to be part of a team.  Here in our part of Japan where we experience 4 distinct seasons we have very quickly moved from the heat of summer to needing the heaters on in the early morning and evening. Beautiful Fall colors have been on display as we drive back and forth from Tokyo to Gunma. How has your month been?


  • The Isesaki Church had their first worship in their new location on October 3rd followed by a more publicly announced “Welcoming Service” on October 10th.   (Photos HERE)
  • The Point Gospel Brazilian congregation (who rent the three-story building) has been very warm, welcoming and helpful in getting us settled in.
  • Andrea began her teaching schedule at the Gunma Prefectural Women’s University in the beginning of October and is now spending Wednesdays and Thursdays each week up in Gunma. She has enjoyed staying overnight on Wednesdays with a good friend from the Isesaki Church and connecting with many others as well.
  • Sam, Lilla and Sky continue to adjust to life at the Christian Academy – CAJ. They are all working hard on their studies (usually…) and all three of them clearly like being here in the Tokyo area.  It has been confirming for us as a family since it has been a big change from our life in Gunma.
  • No, we still don’t have all of our boxes unpacked yet…but we are feeling pretty settled here. Praise God!

THIS MONTH…   thanks for praying with us about the following:

  1. For continued wisdom and guidance from God for the Isesaki Church as they continue to seek ways to cooperate with the Brazilian Church, particularly in the areas of music and youth.
  2. For Tim, Pastor Kogure and Pastor Watanabe as they get together to think specifically about the next steps for Gunma Harvest. (see comments HERE)
  3. For Andrea’s ministry in Gunma – both at the university as she has opportunity to build relationships with many students, as well as her follow up meetings with many other friends in Gunma.
  4. For our annual Covenant Missionary Conference being held here in Tokyo next weekend (November 12-13). We have the joy of welcoming Grant and Miho Buchholtz as new missionaries serving on our ECC team. We look forward to challenging discussions about our shared work here in Japan as well as a time of fellowship and worship together.

As I have studied the well-known verses from Philippians 4:6-7 this week I’ve been reminded of that wonderful formula:

Ask continually …. thank continually …. live in peace ….

May that special peace be yours and ours as we serve the Master this month!

Your partners in prayer and mission,

Tim & Andrea Johnson

Sam, Lilla & Sky

Please change our address in your records if you have not done so yet.

2-11-10 Minamisawa

Higashi Kurume Shi

Tokyo, JAPAN   203-0023



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