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God Makes All Things New

Post a Comment » Written on February 14th, 2014     
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This post was taken from Covenant missionaries serving in Asia sent on Feb. 4, 2014

Today marks the fifth day of the Lunar New Year festival where we are.  There was an increased level of firecracker noise today, so we

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The Harvest is Ready – Teachers are Needed!

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Right now, Shanxi Evergreen International School is in urgent need of certified K-8 teachers and a special education teacher for their small school of fifteen students. Our Covenant Education-Englishmissionaries have echoed their cry and are earnestly seeking teachers for the

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God’s Faithfulness – Mekong Valley Foods

1 Comment » Written on June 25th, 2012     
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By Kim Crawford, associate director of mission mobilization and connection

Three years ago at CHIC 2009 students and leaders gave generously to help support the work of Ruthie and Peter Dutton and Mekong Valley Foods in Chiang Khong, Thailand.


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Be Prepared

Post a Comment » Written on December 5th, 2011     
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By Carl and Karen Groot, Covenant missionaries to Thailand

Be prepared!

As the Abundant Life Center (ALC), the Groots and all of Bangkok prepared for the flood disaster that had hit the nation, we were at odds as to what

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Teaching New Songs in Taiwan

Post a Comment » Written on July 26th, 2011     
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By Ray Barrett, who participated in a mission trip to Taiwan with Covenant Merge Ministries this summer.

It’s Friday night and the two week camp has ended.  Left is the farewell on Sunday with Da Di Church and return to

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Ministry and Fish

Post a Comment » Written on July 20th, 2011     
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This article was originally posted on Randy and Cheryl Bevis’ blog. They are Covenant missionaries in Thailand.

The main project that I (Randy) have been working with for the last 14 years is a good size tilapia hatchery that we

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Global Impact of Covenant Camps

Post a Comment » Written on June 17th, 2011     
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By Karen Hallberg, Director of Mission Mobilization and Connection, Covenant World Mission

Since 1967, Covenant Camps and Covenant World Mission have partnered together. Lives are being transformed all around the world, because of the generosity of camp participants. Throughout the

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The Movement of God in Thailand

1 Comment » Written on May 19th, 2011     
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By Reverend Kyle J.A. Small, who participated in a vision trip to Thailand.

I knew very little about the work prior to traveling to Thailand. Thankfully, my ignorance was broken as we traveled discovering the work of

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Ministries in Japan

2 comments Written on March 29th, 2011     
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Covenant mission work has been carried out in Japan since 1949. Currently we have 10 missionaries serving in Japan, partnering with ministries of the Covenant Church there. We want to share about these ministries. Please visit the Covenant World Mission

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