Covenant World Mission to Open New Mission Field

Executive Minister, Curt Peterson is excited to announce today that Covenant World Mission would be opening a new mission field starting in June 2015. “We are thrilled to be able to go where few have gone before.” The first missionary slated to go will be Roy Danforth. He brings with him many years of agricultural development experience from working in central Africa. Roy says, “I am so excited to learn more about the terrain and to see what the possibilities are. I am sure I can find some kind of plant that will be able to flourish in that environment.”

changing the lives of penguins in the south pole.
Changing the lives of penguins in the south pole.

Curt Peterson is thrilled for this new development as he has been dreaming about opening this new field ever since he first watched the Warner Brothers film, Happy Feet. “I knew we needed to reach those penguins and ensure they knew the true meaning of happiness.” Peterson also hopes to be able to help provide the penguins with a sustainable vegetable food source which is why he has called in Danforth.  Roy Danfoth says, “I am excited for this new challenge and have told myself I can be a fool for God.”


Happy April Fools Day!

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  1. Thankful to be part of a denomination who does not base this call on the fact that penguins are noted for dancing.

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