Praying for the World

As we begin the new year, perhaps you are wondering how you can pray for the world and Covenant missionaries in 2013. We have several resources that might be helpful to you.

Covenant Missionary Prayer Calendar – This is a  convenient daily guide to pray for Covenant missionaries and the countries in which they serve. Each day includes information on Covenant missionaries, as well as where and how they serve. The new edition is released every year at the Annual Meeting in June, but is available for ordering throughout the year. The prayer calendar can be ordered from the Covenant Online Bookstore.

Praying for Missionaries Bookmark – Find out how you can pray for missionaries,their families, and their daily needs, which is one way you can partner and participate in their ministries. All missionaries desire to be in the center of God’s will for their lives, to carry out an effective ministry, to relate well to people from the adopted culture, to care for family and fellow missionaries, and to remain healthy – bot physically and emotionally. You can download this bookmark from the Covenant website or order copies at the Covenant Online Bookstore.

Prayer for the World Bookmark – We pray so that all people may know God’s love and grace through Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit. This bookmark/insert focuses on praying for people, daily needs, and crises around the world. It can be downloaded from the Covenant website or ordered at the Online Covenant Bookstore.

Praise and Prayer Requests List – This weekly prayer list includes current requests from missionaries and ministry partners around the world. You can subscribe and receive this prayer list via email from Covenant World Mission.

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