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I’m back! Chicago was cold and snowy, but I survived. I’d like to share with you what I experienced at the first-ever Mission Conference prior to the Midwinter. This event brought together Covenant World Mission department leaders, Covenant missionaries, overseas partners, pastors, people who serve on local mission committees, seminary students–a very diverse group who all share one common passion: Christ’s mission. And it was fantastic! Challenging, stimulating, inspiring, stretching, refreshing, renewing–I can’t find enough superlatives to express how rich and meaningful this conference was. Let me describe it for you briefly, and who the presenters were. Then I want to list a bunch of the principles, perspectives, comments, and some rather unorthodox thoughts and approaches that these Covenant leaders offered, based on biblical, theological, and very practical experience.

Read the rest of the post at Dan’s blog, Jerusalem Sabbatical: http://jerusalemsabbatical.blogspot.com/2009/02/holistic-mission-of-church-covenant.html
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